Book keeping

Our role is to put you and your business at ease because we understand how daunting and time consuming book-keeping and related tasks can be at times. We let you are concentrate on running your business. By hiring us, our reliable and trustworthy team will save you time and allow you concentrate on your precious business by answering questions such as “how much profit have I made?”, “who owes me money?”, “How much VAT to pay ?”, How much is my payroll bill ? and so much more tailored solutions.

Tax Returns

Time is a limted resource. You can save your company time, money and stress by outsourcing professionals to prepare and plan your tax returns. we handle PAYE (Pay As You Earn), VAT (Value Added Tax), Income Tax and Withholding Tax.

Having professionals prepare your Tax Returns can alleviate the Hustle when Tax time comes. Trust Us to deliver.

Computerized traing and software installations

Do you wish to learn how to use accounting software? or do you wish to train a team in your company? At Fortitude, we offer flexible course to help you become a pro user of accounting software. We offer training in QuickBooks, Sage and Tally.

We also Install accounting software for companies.